The Ritual

3 December 2011

We like to smoke cigars because it taps into a basic human need that allows time to stop to enjoy a private moment – away from daily pressures – to relax and absorb the present moments of life.  MARAYA invites a return to these simple ideals, that may have been forgotten in the complexities of life, by strengthening the connection between a man and a woman, to enjoy their pleasures and to support each other.

Maraya’s aim is to preserve the centuries-old tradition and craft of cigar-making, an authentic livelihood, deserving a continued place in the world.  We want to educate and inform those who continue to enjoy fine cigars made in countries around the world.

MARAYA promotes the enjoyment of cigar smoking as an acceptable pleasure, rather than being dogged in a downward spiral by negative social stigma. We want to enjoy cigars when and where we please, at appropriate times and in appropriate places.  One of MARAYA’s founding principles is consideration of others by not afflicting our desire to smoke on others’ desire not to be surrounded by second-hand smoke.  In turn, cigar enthusiasts are not to be looked upon as second-class citizens, but as those who simply enjoy relaxing from time to time with a fine, quality cigar.  We celebrate the craft of cigar-making as an artisanal form of appreciation — today and for continued generations — and encourage the freedom to continue making great cigars and connecting with the natural instinct of pursuing their enjoyment and supporting those who enjoy them.

Cigars have their own ritual, which is nothing more than simple conventions and techniques for cutting, lighting, ashing, smoking and enjoying the fine cigar you have chosen.  Not every smoker is aware of these conventions and techniques (much less non-smokers), and Maraya offers an accessible class —  Introduction to Cigars 101: Cut & Light — to acquaint cigar enthusiasts and the non-smoker alike with ways that best enhance the experience.  Information has power, even where cigar smoking is concerned, and a little bit of information goes a long way towards deepening the understanding of this artisanal craft and how to best enjoy it.