Our Cigars

20 November 2011


MARAYA makes small batch hand-made cigars of exceptional favor. Crafted by Cuban and Dominican artisans, MARAYA embodies the nuances learned from generations of growing and blending tobacco.  This non-mechanized process follows the rolling techniques that have sustained the craft as a staple of Latin cultures for centuries.

Every shape and size has a unique quality. We offer parejo and figurado shapes for a subtle variatioen in experience, allowing variations in how to cut, light, hold and smoke each cigar.  MARAYA premium medium-bodied cigars make a perfect gift for the cigar enthusiast.

Toro, Perfecto, Corona


Filler: Dominican & Nicaraguan
Corojo & Criollo 98 long filler
Binder: Nicaraguan
Wrapper:  A finely-veined, slightly oily
Ecuadoran Connecticut shade leaf

Churchill, Corona, Robusto


Binder: Honduras, Nicaragua & Brazil
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua & Brazil
Wrapper: Ecuadoran Sumatra (Robusto) or Ecuadoran Sumatra Maduro (Churchill & Corona)


Toro, Perfecto, Corona



Filler: Dominican & Nicaraguan Ligero
Binder: Dominican Seco
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Capa Habana 2000