I think MARAYA’s signature shape, the Perfecto, is a lot of fun. The elegant format — tapered head and foot, and large ring gauge at the center — is immediately recognizable as a classical cigar shape from a previous era. I have a 6″ long / 60 ring gauge Perfecto in the Piano blend, and the same size with a more pointed tip in the Tango.
Sometimes called the Double Torpedo, the Perfecto shape is not common today among cigar manufacturers; only a few currently have them in production. It takes longer for the torcedor to learn how to roll a Perfecto well and, once learned, is more difficult and time-consuming to construct. Consequently, Perfectos tend to be more expensive than other cigar shapes. MARAYA’s Perfectos are $11 and $13 for the Tango and Piano blend, respectively; less than the price of a good drink at your favorite watering hole.
The change in the ring gauge of a Perfecto from very narrow at the foot to large in the middle results in a change to the smoking experience as it burns down and opens up, making it a more interesting smoke.
I love MARAYA’s Perfecto as a celebratory shape; its elegance makes it special for gift-giving and milestones such as weddings, births, graduations and anniversaries. I find that some prefer it simply because of its relative rarity. Others like the way it smokes.
Cigar enthusiast, Ed Chin, showed me the best way to cut the Perfecto, or any cigar with a Torpedo-shaped head, with a double-bladed guillotine. But rather than lop it off with a straight slice, he cuts it at an angle. The steeper the angle, the bigger the cut. This preserves the graceful beauty of the Perfecto shape. Make a shallow cut at first; the smaller the opening, the better you can focus the smoke on specific points inside your mouth, hitting all of the different taste buds. This allows you to differentiate the tastes within the cigar, separating out the subtle flavors that make up the flavor profile of the blend. If you need a larger opening for adequate draw you can always make a second, deeper cut.
Connect with your instinct® to try something new, and see if you don’t prefer a Perfecto.


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