More than a Good Cigar

4 March 2012

Maraya was conceived around more than a great cigar. The tag line Connect With Your Instinct® refers to the concept that what makes us uniquely human — and unique individuals — is worthy of attention. What we connect to instinctually (rather than artificially) has the capacity to enhance our daily lives. Maraya celebrates simple pleasures:  artisanal craftsmanship (cigars, food or anything made by the hands of people) as well as art, music, literature, laughter, dance and romance. As adults we have the capacity and judgement to capitalize on those instincts that most greatly enhance our lives and the lives of those we love.

Maraya is also about relationship — through love, friendship or romance — and forging deep connections to others. Sharing the simple pleasures of a hearty laugh, a good read, a work of art (great or small), the glory of music and the expression of dance a are ways to share ourselves with others and deepen those connections we hold dear.

Moderation and consideration are also important concepts close to Maraya. Inviting good things in small doses into our day helps to insure that we control their flow, rather than the other way around. Enjoy but don’t annoy. Foul occurs when our enjoyment encroaches on the enjoyment of someone else. In whatever activity you engage, be considerate of strangers nearby and those dear to you.

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